Spectra 2022 – Sports Registration

  • 5 October 2022 - 8 October 2022

Please look carefully at the registration fee and pay accordingly.

Kindly register with the details of the Team Captain.

All participants should bring their College ID Card and a passport size photo.

• Registration should be done through online mode.
• Registration as a delegate is compulsory for participation and spectating any event of SPECTRA 2022 except Sports.
• Registration as a delegate is not compulsory if the participant only wishes to participate in sports.
• If people registered for Sports want to spectate and participate in other events and pro shows they have to register as a delegate.
• Basic Delegate Fee: Rs.200/
• Benefits of being a delegate-
– A delegate can participate in any event of SPECTRA 2022 by paying the event registration fee separately.
– A delegate can spectate any event of SPECTRA 2022 excluding pro shows.
– A delegate can buy passes for the pro shows conducted in SPECTRA 2022.
• Registration as a Delegate and Event Participation is done only through online mode except for the registration of informal events which will be done offline.
• You should enter the transaction ID for the delegate fee in the Event registration form.
• Payment of Delegate Fee and Event Participation Fee is done through online mode only.
• Registering online is only a part of the registration process. The participant should complete their registration on the day of the event before participating.
• An online invoice will be sent to the respective participants or the team leader which should be presented on the day of the event for authentication and issuing of delegate passes.
• All participants are to bring their original, valid, official, institutional Identity card and submit it during the offline part of registration.
• All students( even those who have registered online) should bring a passport-size photo with them.
•No refund in case of non-participation in any registered event.
•Any Queries please contact Registration Secretaries:
   Varna: 9677768696
   Aman Aryan: 6306885937
   Dhiya Misha: 9787844577

Venue Info

  • Time : 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (UTC+5.5)
  • Registration Deadline : 3 October 2022

Registration Deadline Expired!!