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About the Spectra

Spectra is an intercollegiate extravaganza hosted by the students of MGMCRI. Ever since inception in the year 2016, the event has attracted students, both undergraduates and post graduates from various colleges in and around Pondicherry.

Spectra is an event of immense pride to the students of MGMCRI. The college hosts a variety of events which includes sports, cultural, literary and arts.

These events have seen enthusiastic participation which has only been growing only been growing over the last three years. Celebrities like naresh iyer, leon james, andrea jeramaih (actor/singer), the madras mail band, zyphertone (sunburn) have performed in our college in the past.

Now after a break of 2 years we are returning back with a bang. So please do join us to have the time of your life in spectra 2022.

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Open Registration: September 19 – October 02